"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Monday, May 23, 2011

ChEaTiNg CaSaNoVa..

The fragrance of freshly brewed hot coffee stirred up the atmosphere.She stepped towards her seat holding it close and tight with both her hands.It was the winter season and how she wished she didn't had to reach everyday to office dot at 8 o'clock.
Anyway with this thought she balanced her poise to look at her laptop screen and as well as her mobile screen which was for the meantime in silent mode(she was in office and they had some wasteful ethics).
The phone buzzed and the vibration of the mobile on table doubled in it's audibility.She saw the number flashing and an instant smile spread on her face...
Adrian-Hello miss..Good morning.
Mystique-Good morning! You still in your bed huh?
Adrian-Yeah warm and cozying and it was so inviting that i couldn't leave it today.Let's cuddle up sweetheart.
Mystique-And who will do the work over here.
She had almost hushed tone over the phone because after all she was in OFFICE.And she was staring the screen so as to look like working but actually not.
Adrian-Let's bribe your boss..what say?
Mystique-Hmm..not a bad idea but who will pay me or you?
Adrian-Ok wrong topic!
And then grins follow from both sides.
Mystique-Yeah..thats like a intelligent fella.So today on leave Mr.perfect?
Adrian-Oh C'mon those who hath ignored there duties shall not be worthy of calling perfect.
Mystique-Whatever my main point was are you on a leave?
Adrian-Yes honey.I was thinking of taking a day-off from longtime just that forgot to tell you to do the same hehehe..
Mystique-Very funny! by the way i could have tried for it.I wished to be in your arms really and feel your warmth in this chilling winter.
Mystique-Hey don't get me cheesy in office.How i wish to leave all this right now.
Adrian-So leave na.Just one time,hardly matters your boss is not going to eat you up.
Mystique-Hmm..Let me think but before that answer me why didn't you answer my call yesterday?
Adrian-Ah..I will call you in sometime there is a call from my office.Sorry.Take care.Bye!

And before mistique could say anything the phone had been cut and she was left pondering in the moment.

Adrian's Office call was as follows..
Cadence-Hey!..How are you darling?
Adrian-Was missing you my dear..You are coming at my place today right?
Cadence-Of course I am coming and wished to talk to you so that i may confirm you really have taken the day off for me.And it feels so nice..
Adrian-Yeah only for you.And how am i wishing you to be here right now.Come soon!
Cadence-Will surely..just open your door.
Adrian-What?Omg! a surprise in the morning.I am coming..

The call gets cut.He opens the door she is wild and too restless to be calmed even to enter gently.The door bangs close and shrills and shouts follow..

Mystique imagines wish could have taken the day off just to meet him up at least.

-Unknown Wanderer

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It presents..

This is going to be something different from stories and poems..This blog would contain conversations of some people or letter exchanges which is also called epistolary.Sometimes sheer pleasure or sometimes all disappointment in the words exchanged through a conversation or letters.At times even book reviews.
First attempt at my second blog hope will be liked and criticized equally.

Will be updated soon with a conversation for first piece..


-Unknown Wanderer