"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee stained love letter..

Through a half awake mind a girl writes to her love who has been away for quite a while from her.She waits patiently reviving and replaying the memories of him and her..

Dear My Love,
                  I had been there without you for such long gaps but everytime you go away my craving grows intenser to meet you back.The warm cup of coffee mug,the sound of dropping water from tap,echos of silence,a hushing whisper,a low tone talking and et al makes our fond memories.They ring up my soul everytime i think,feel or muse about it.You have been the best pacifier and best pain giver.Harboring two uniquely different talents of course thats you.I had been in front of you quite a handful of times but the thing is i somehow loose half my voice when i am with you.You make me feel that you would understand my silence and you just want to make it extra obvious when you want me to be vocal about my feelings for you.Your embrace it's just magic and your kiss it's pure ecstasy followed by a prolonged wave of blissfulness.Once in a while when you make me feel wanted for you i feel so happy.Hearing your voice after ten days feels like an era bygone.When in the night i watch the moon and a star residing happily by it going away from it,it makes me nervous and afraid that it would take so long for the star to come back to the moon once more.But yes i know the invisible chord of connect and sparkle between them never fails to reprise and surprise their relation.It's undefined but yet defined,complicated yet simple,charismatic yet boring and fulfilling yet incomplete.As i submerge in the beautiful moments shared by we i realize i have to go buy a stamp to post this to you,seal it with packets of unending love.And the hot coffee pours down staining the perfectly white paper i was writing on ,i let it soak in it's flavor and color.It makes it beautiful,stained and perfect.The tree in front of me has grown pretty big as the last time i saw it it looked smaller while talking with you,lots of tiny fireflies have decorated themselves on this tree.Your fragrance is wafting in the air i can feel it entering all through me.And as i close my eyes and lie down on the terrace i can see you smile and i can feel you hugging me..

Yours forever..

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zaira and NY-I

Trojan-Whats up girl?
Zaira-Nothing much,the sky,stars,bright moon and something i ain't able to catch.
Leo-Oh! I herd this answer after a longtime.
Zaira-You too have sneaked in,in this call?
Leo-Sneaked in?excuse me.I was invited honorable by Mr.Trojan.

Laughter follows..
Zaira-Guys you are the best thing that has happened to me over here *smiling*.
Trojan-Zaira you are the worst thing that we encountered here.
Leo-I agree with Trojan.
Trojan and Leo (together)-stop taking everything on heart girl.We are kidding of course!
Zaira-Can't i take a revenge on your joke by my fake sadness hehehehe..
Leo-Hey! Whom do you like the most from both of us?
Zaira-That is not a fair question Leo.I am in danger you know.
Leo-That is what i am pushing you into so that you don't have difficulty in choosing in last stage.
Trojan-Yeah let me know too zaira.Interesting question by the way Leo,You are a genius man!
Zaira-Now what do you mean by last stage?
Leo-You are not going to be here forever right? You want to go back to India?
Zaira-Yeah I want to but i think i will miss NY more than India.So will i leave this place?
Trojan-Hurray! She is staying with us Leo.Yes you are a genius man.
Zaira-Hey why do you keep saying that Trojan?
Trojan-Because honey there are just five months left for your completion of course and we thought that how should we approach this question to you because you always get sad at the mention of your home.So you see Leo the great twisted the question and we got our answer.
Zaira-Awww... guys after this call i would seriously love to stay here.Hey by the way who will accommodate me after this?i wouldn't be even provided a penny by my folks.
Leo-I will let you live with me.
Trojan-Yeah till you get a job here we will provide for you.
Zaira-You will always stay with me like this right?
Leo and Trojan-Of course darling!
Zaira-Thanks guys.Hugs for you both.Mwahh!

Trojan-See you tomorrow at campus.
Leo-See you tomorrow for lectures.
Zaira-Yep sure.take care guys.love you.Bye!
Trojan-love you too.Bye.
Leo-love you three.Bye.

-Unknown Wanderer

Friday, August 5, 2011

Leaps of life

Xenobia-So you are going then?
Alex-Yes i am.Don't you have faith in me?
Xenobia-I do on you but not on the circumstances surrounding you Alex.Can't we do it the other way?
Alex-What else do you suggest robbing?How can you think of One lakh without a job?
Xenobia-We will work there forever but i can't think of loosing you.I love you Alex!
Alex-Even i do.And if you believe in me I will do anything.I promise to be with you forever after this and won't do anything like this.Just once when this gets done.
Xenobia-Hmm..So you won't budge from your decision?

On the day of the winning or loosing..
One of the rider was Alex's best buddy so they took every risk together and that day too they had paired themselves near to each other.
While racing..
Pilot-I know she means a lot to you..but you are risking away your life for a thing which can be done with some patience.
Alex-You don't know how much i love her?
Pilot-I do and i can see that craziness in your drive right now.
Alex-So trust me and just hope that i win.
Pilot-What if she ends up loosing on you and the sum too that you had been planning for her?
Alex-Then you will take care of her and promise to get the thing done no matter what it takes.
Pilot-OK.I will i give you my words.

And the steep trail begins and then the death pit.Three bikers have joined in this mindless act and they dive in to cover the hell and land on heaven back.

And we have the winner..............It is Pilot..

Xenobia-Alex no you can't do this to me..
Pilot-Compose yourself Xenobia everything will be alright.He survived the fall and he would survive this too if he has you by his side.
Xenobia-But it is all because of me.I told him not to do so but he said to have faith in him.He is the only one i have besides me pilot.
Pilot-He is groaning and opening his eyes..he is watching you Xenobia.
Xenobia-What..he has opened his eyes..Alex i love you..Please don't leave me..I can do without everything but not you..please..talk to me..
Alex-I....t-r-i-..tried..b-u-u-t I failed Xen..C-a-n..you...forgive me for this last time..?
Xenobia-I can't..I need to know that you are good..I can't even see what you are going through.Please tell me you'll not leave and i will do whatever you tell me to do.
Alex-Just f-e-e-l me..I am all around you..I love you Xenobia.
She touches his face..his forehead..cheeks..lips..neck..and then when she comes over his eyes she knows her worst fears have come alive.
Xenobia-No..no..no...nooo..this can't be he promised me 
he will be by my side after this race..He can't do this to me..Pilot..noooooo...
Pilot-Calm yourself Xenobia.Please!
Tears start flowing down her cheeks..

After 1 month of Alex passing away..
Dr. Sam-Slowly Xenobia..the world awaits your glance once more.
Xenobia-Can i see a dark room as a starting Dr. Sam?
Dr. Sam-Why do you wish so Xenobia?..Don't you want to see the colors again..the darkness..hasn't it taken it's toll on you enough?
Xenobia-I can see him in the darkness so i never wanted light from the day he left me.He will break his promise if i watch light Dr. Sam.
Dr. Sam-How can you judge without watching the light Xenobia?
Xenobia-Ok..i will do this just for once if i am not able to see him then i wish these eyes to be removed too.
Pilot-Can you see me Xenobia?
Xenobia-It's all haze Pilot.I am coming closer to watching that blue top..yeah it says Alex loves Xenobia..
She starts crying and embraces herself.
Yes Dr. Sam you were right.I can see him now.In my eyes!

-Unknown Wanderer

Monday, May 23, 2011

ChEaTiNg CaSaNoVa..

The fragrance of freshly brewed hot coffee stirred up the atmosphere.She stepped towards her seat holding it close and tight with both her hands.It was the winter season and how she wished she didn't had to reach everyday to office dot at 8 o'clock.
Anyway with this thought she balanced her poise to look at her laptop screen and as well as her mobile screen which was for the meantime in silent mode(she was in office and they had some wasteful ethics).
The phone buzzed and the vibration of the mobile on table doubled in it's audibility.She saw the number flashing and an instant smile spread on her face...
Adrian-Hello miss..Good morning.
Mystique-Good morning! You still in your bed huh?
Adrian-Yeah warm and cozying and it was so inviting that i couldn't leave it today.Let's cuddle up sweetheart.
Mystique-And who will do the work over here.
She had almost hushed tone over the phone because after all she was in OFFICE.And she was staring the screen so as to look like working but actually not.
Adrian-Let's bribe your boss..what say?
Mystique-Hmm..not a bad idea but who will pay me or you?
Adrian-Ok wrong topic!
And then grins follow from both sides.
Mystique-Yeah..thats like a intelligent fella.So today on leave Mr.perfect?
Adrian-Oh C'mon those who hath ignored there duties shall not be worthy of calling perfect.
Mystique-Whatever my main point was are you on a leave?
Adrian-Yes honey.I was thinking of taking a day-off from longtime just that forgot to tell you to do the same hehehe..
Mystique-Very funny! by the way i could have tried for it.I wished to be in your arms really and feel your warmth in this chilling winter.
Mystique-Hey don't get me cheesy in office.How i wish to leave all this right now.
Adrian-So leave na.Just one time,hardly matters your boss is not going to eat you up.
Mystique-Hmm..Let me think but before that answer me why didn't you answer my call yesterday?
Adrian-Ah..I will call you in sometime there is a call from my office.Sorry.Take care.Bye!

And before mistique could say anything the phone had been cut and she was left pondering in the moment.

Adrian's Office call was as follows..
Cadence-Hey!..How are you darling?
Adrian-Was missing you my dear..You are coming at my place today right?
Cadence-Of course I am coming and wished to talk to you so that i may confirm you really have taken the day off for me.And it feels so nice..
Adrian-Yeah only for you.And how am i wishing you to be here right now.Come soon!
Cadence-Will surely..just open your door.
Adrian-What?Omg! a surprise in the morning.I am coming..

The call gets cut.He opens the door she is wild and too restless to be calmed even to enter gently.The door bangs close and shrills and shouts follow..

Mystique imagines wish could have taken the day off just to meet him up at least.

-Unknown Wanderer

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It presents..

This is going to be something different from stories and poems..This blog would contain conversations of some people or letter exchanges which is also called epistolary.Sometimes sheer pleasure or sometimes all disappointment in the words exchanged through a conversation or letters.At times even book reviews.
First attempt at my second blog hope will be liked and criticized equally.

Will be updated soon with a conversation for first piece..


-Unknown Wanderer