"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


He-Do you like the ambience?
She-Yeah pretty pleasant.So tell me how was your journey?
He-Very well but kind of tired me.Never mind i reached in time to meet at least.
She-What did you just say?..In time?
He-Aaamm...Yeah haven't i?
She-You told me it was going to be 10:30am.Please check your watch with mine or tell me you are from a different time zone.
He-Listen what is more important that i met or your and mine time didn't match?
Pouting her lips and opening her mouth with a sudden expression of sadness..
She-Okey fine i forgive you.
He-Excuse me?..forgive?...Who?.. Me?
She-(giggling) so many questions for me in one go?
He-You don't want to answer?
She-With a naughty gleam in her eyes No! It is more than enough that you came and we are together right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only time will tell..

Aleona-Have you ever felt the wish to go away from this world?
Sid-Yes.A lot many times but those days were different.Now i am a changed man and i know what should i do when i seem to dislike being in the world.
Aleona-I guess that would take a hell lot of time from my side.
Sid-How is your boy-friend?
Aleona-Don't say that,he is not my boy-friend.
Sid-Okay fine.Then how is your guy?
Aleona-Better! he is doing good as of now but yeah fluctuating because he wants something new in his life.
Sid-New? what is that suppose to mean?
Aleona-He wants to change where he is living.
Sid-Oh! I get that.So are you not going to ask him?
Sid-That he loves you or not?
Aleona-I have tried once i guess but i wasn't able to get any straight reply so i didn't try after that.May be will try sometime.And yes then i will let you know.
Sid-What can i say about you.Can you live without him? You know if he goes away.
Aleona-I have never thought about it but if he is happy then i guess i won't have any problem.

The conversation is over and Sid is back to what he was doing and Aleona starts thinking about what she said some moments ago.
Whom am i lying to?Myself? I know i cannot be without him it is i who needs him and not the other way around.Even a week seems ages if i don't talk to him.But i guess i don't know what will i do when he leaves.Maybe I will just find someone or something.And if i don't then only time will tell...

-Unknown wanderer