"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishful morning..!

She-You know it is going to be a new day in sometime.
He-Yes i know.
Caressing her back,he sighed sweetly.As he pressed his lips softly on her forehead.She smiled while her eyes remain closed.He checked the time and hugged her more tightly.The blanket covered them both in the rosy winter dawn.As there warm skin touched each other,the cold was not at all felt.
He-Good morning..
She-Good morning..
He-Open your eyes for me.
As she opened her eyes.She gave a leisurely smile to him which was returned full fledged.
She-I want to spend rest of my life with you.Rise each morning to this wish and feeling of being with you.
He-Your wish my command darling.Even i am waiting for that time to begin...

Monday, July 29, 2013


She-I love you so much it almost pains me.Why won't you answer me dammit?Are you even listening to me?
She heard silence from the other side of the reciever.
He-What do you want to hear from me?
She-Did you touch her?
He-Yes i did.
She-Hugged each other?
She holds her breathe.
She-You kissed her?She wanted you to?You wanted to?
He-Why are you asking this?Please stop.
She-No.I want to know all about it.
He-Yes...Yes I wanted to kiss her.
She-You were with her all night.Weren't you?
He-Yes I was.
She-Did she crawl next to you naked and asking for it?
He-Asking for what?
She-Asking to loose it to her.
He-Loose what?
She-Your virginity.
He-Yes she did.
She-You gave in?
He-I...ah..Why are you asking me all this.It is paining you so much already then why all this?
She-I want to know please because anyway it would kill me from inside to just assume things.
He-Yes I lost my virgnity to her.
She-You..y..you..agreed just like that?..Howw..
She breaks into sobs.
He-Shhh...I didn't me..mean..t..too..
She-You did not mean to?You did not mean to have sex you are telling me.
He-I did not want you to feel this way.
She-This is still going fine.Now answer this to me.This is the last one.Do you love her?
He-Yes I do.
And she can't think anymore.As her heart breaks into pieces which she is unsure of being ever able to gather and mend back.A pained yelp escapes her lips as she bursts into a painful cry.He just listens helpless..cause niether he had words to soothe her and nor was he there present physically..

Monday, July 22, 2013

Before destination reach.

I have been really lazy and not updated this blog of mine for a longtime.So updating with a conversation.
C-Which direction do we have to go?
A-Just wait we told him when we board the auto.
She starts giggling watching him all drenched in sweat
A-You want this?(showing the napkin she held in her hands)
He eagerly grabbed it, wiping the sweat of his face and neck.He glanced at his watch, nudging her.She saw what he wanted to make her see and smiled at him.
C-We are on time right?
A-No we are half an hour late.But never mind they will be waiting for us only.
Autowala-Aa gaya.(We have arrived)
C-Kitne huay bhaiya?(How much money do we have to pay?)
Autowala-Tees rupay.(Thirty rupees)
A-Ye lo bhaiya(Take this )(shoving a 50 rupees note in his hands)
C-Nahi uske paise wapas do ye lo tees rupay.(No.Give her money back and take this 30 rupee)
Pouting she takes back the money.Entering the gate..
C-Chal daude(Lets run)
A-Nahi woh intezar kar lenge aur maine heels bhi toh pehni hain.(No.They will wait, moreover i have worn heels)
He starts laughing.And they make way towards their destination.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Review:My Stroke Of Luck

Title: My Stroke of Luck (Soft Cover) 
Author: Vijay Santhanam
Year of publication:2013

This is a book review of My stroke of luck authored by Vijay Santhanam.I did not know what i had put my hands on before i read the first few pages.I thought it to be just another story of struggle,trial and tribulations but this was something else.More than life and beyond the normal thinking.The mans own story in his own words.The journey of forgetfulness yet a hint of remembrance. What will you do when you can see a face recognize it yet not put a name or relation to it? Leave that! What if you cannot distinguish between male and female?

Vijay had a stroke at the age of 41 which left him paralyzed on right side of the body.The simplest of the daily chores weren't possible to accomplish without assistance but that changed eventually just because of the right mix of determination,companionship and motivation.Mentioned at the very beginning is that he is not from a medical background and whatever he shared,he has experienced.Everyone have their own personal experience and you can only learn from others experience.So there is a lot of learning that we get in this book.

First and foremost the valuable lesson that the book will teach you to not to ignore your gut feelings when something is wrong with your body system.You are brave,you know you are healthy but if you get yourself checked for a persistent little problem it can avert a very big problem[here a headache was a little problem but grew to a stroke when ignored(not checked)].How the desire for something(Vijay is a fan of cricket and during his  stroke he has co-authored “If cricket is a religion,Sachin is god” and “The business of cricket:The story of sports marketing in India” with Shyam Balasubramanian)you love with all your life makes a strong inspiration to fight with the problem.Family and friends being your support system in the harsh time.The unpredictability of what will happen next and will i be able to pass the time of test creates a leap of heart inside you as you would either be grinning with joy that he passed it or will be sad knowing he has to work on it again to pass it.He had to start learning from the very basics to get to the hard things which were so normal before being affected.Now what all did he learn and how did each day progress it surely is to be read by you.

You do not know what will life offer you the very next second and so it is better to make the most in the moment you are.The most intriguing part for me was where i learned that the side of brain affected is reverse of that of the side of body.The author of course has a very practical approach and why not because he experienced a situation where he was as good as half dead.The spirit to overcome the impossible and make come true the power of will is what is reflected strongly in every page you read.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review:Chilli,Chicks and Heart attacks

Title:Chilli,Chicks and Heart attacks
Author:Sanjaya Senanayake
Year of publication:2013
Number of pages:320

First of all what catches and tugs at your heart is the title of the book>
Chilli Chicks & Heart Attacks..It is not at all like what it cover photo suggests and more of what was a bit of surprise that this books main lead i thought who would be a 'she' is a 'he' :Dr. Manjula Mendis.I guess the name comes like this because he is a south Indian in Australia.

So the plot that plays is..
Dr. Mendis is a Sri lankan living in Australia with his family which is i might add has a very vivid description in the beginning.He has just got out of medical school and is starting on an exciting journey while interning for the popular St. Ivanhoe Hospital.Six other new interns are his colleague.There is this very intriguing character Dr. Spyder who treats the celebrities and gets the detail of the most deepest,darkest secret they hold inside them to be treated.Names of some characters were quite funny like, Monty Bonkzalot, Precious Thyme and Fabulus Hips.Medical terminologies and information are in plenty all throughout the book.And amazingly they don't burden the reader but rather interests them inside it.
Dr. Manju is cheesy,lovable,melodramatic and at times over smart.Humour resides in a series of hilarious stories about life on the wards, most of which involve Dr. Manju.
Proceeding in their medical duties they come across different situations – some situations of dealing with frightening senior doctors and some even more with ‘sugardadiphiled’ ladies.[The secret of which lies inside the book]!
And as the age demands family of Dr. Mendis are finding 'The Match' for their son.Living abroad didn’t change a thing in the South-Asian mentality of Manju’s mother.Desperate to search a Sri Lankan bride for his ‘Kohinoor’ son she leaves no nook and corner of Australia.An ugly habit of taking bliss of discussing ugliness of their relative’s son and highlighting how her son so much more better than him.Dr. Manju is unlike his mother as he watches and accepts the modern views but that doesn't make him insensitive to his own culture and roots.
Rest of it which i should not be disclosing over here because that would kill the joy of reading the book.All throughout the book he has to maintain the harmony in his relationships with  the patients, colleagues, celebrities, and a girl with a not so good a past.
By the middle of it you can be totally sure that you are reading a sort of autobiography.All the incidents and instances depicted inside the book can be only written when you have been there and done that.

I like..
This whole book is a great package.I loved every page i leafed through.And not to forget the amazing writing style of Sanjaya Senanayake.Take it up and i assure you,you will like it if not love.Different shades of emotions keep striking.When you pick it up you will be kept stuck up with the book till it finishes.

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