"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Monday, July 22, 2013

Before destination reach.

I have been really lazy and not updated this blog of mine for a longtime.So updating with a conversation.
C-Which direction do we have to go?
A-Just wait we told him when we board the auto.
She starts giggling watching him all drenched in sweat
A-You want this?(showing the napkin she held in her hands)
He eagerly grabbed it, wiping the sweat of his face and neck.He glanced at his watch, nudging her.She saw what he wanted to make her see and smiled at him.
C-We are on time right?
A-No we are half an hour late.But never mind they will be waiting for us only.
Autowala-Aa gaya.(We have arrived)
C-Kitne huay bhaiya?(How much money do we have to pay?)
Autowala-Tees rupay.(Thirty rupees)
A-Ye lo bhaiya(Take this )(shoving a 50 rupees note in his hands)
C-Nahi uske paise wapas do ye lo tees rupay.(No.Give her money back and take this 30 rupee)
Pouting she takes back the money.Entering the gate..
C-Chal daude(Lets run)
A-Nahi woh intezar kar lenge aur maine heels bhi toh pehni hain.(No.They will wait, moreover i have worn heels)
He starts laughing.And they make way towards their destination.

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