"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Monday, July 29, 2013


She-I love you so much it almost pains me.Why won't you answer me dammit?Are you even listening to me?
She heard silence from the other side of the reciever.
He-What do you want to hear from me?
She-Did you touch her?
He-Yes i did.
She-Hugged each other?
She holds her breathe.
She-You kissed her?She wanted you to?You wanted to?
He-Why are you asking this?Please stop.
She-No.I want to know all about it.
He-Yes...Yes I wanted to kiss her.
She-You were with her all night.Weren't you?
He-Yes I was.
She-Did she crawl next to you naked and asking for it?
He-Asking for what?
She-Asking to loose it to her.
He-Loose what?
She-Your virginity.
He-Yes she did.
She-You gave in?
He-I...ah..Why are you asking me all this.It is paining you so much already then why all this?
She-I want to know please because anyway it would kill me from inside to just assume things.
He-Yes I lost my virgnity to her.
She-You..y..you..agreed just like that?..Howw..
She breaks into sobs.
He-Shhh...I didn't me..mean..t..too..
She-You did not mean to?You did not mean to have sex you are telling me.
He-I did not want you to feel this way.
She-This is still going fine.Now answer this to me.This is the last one.Do you love her?
He-Yes I do.
And she can't think anymore.As her heart breaks into pieces which she is unsure of being ever able to gather and mend back.A pained yelp escapes her lips as she bursts into a painful cry.He just listens helpless..cause niether he had words to soothe her and nor was he there present physically..

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