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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review:Chilli,Chicks and Heart attacks

Title:Chilli,Chicks and Heart attacks
Author:Sanjaya Senanayake
Year of publication:2013
Number of pages:320

First of all what catches and tugs at your heart is the title of the book>
Chilli Chicks & Heart Attacks..It is not at all like what it cover photo suggests and more of what was a bit of surprise that this books main lead i thought who would be a 'she' is a 'he' :Dr. Manjula Mendis.I guess the name comes like this because he is a south Indian in Australia.

So the plot that plays is..
Dr. Mendis is a Sri lankan living in Australia with his family which is i might add has a very vivid description in the beginning.He has just got out of medical school and is starting on an exciting journey while interning for the popular St. Ivanhoe Hospital.Six other new interns are his colleague.There is this very intriguing character Dr. Spyder who treats the celebrities and gets the detail of the most deepest,darkest secret they hold inside them to be treated.Names of some characters were quite funny like, Monty Bonkzalot, Precious Thyme and Fabulus Hips.Medical terminologies and information are in plenty all throughout the book.And amazingly they don't burden the reader but rather interests them inside it.
Dr. Manju is cheesy,lovable,melodramatic and at times over smart.Humour resides in a series of hilarious stories about life on the wards, most of which involve Dr. Manju.
Proceeding in their medical duties they come across different situations – some situations of dealing with frightening senior doctors and some even more with ‘sugardadiphiled’ ladies.[The secret of which lies inside the book]!
And as the age demands family of Dr. Mendis are finding 'The Match' for their son.Living abroad didn’t change a thing in the South-Asian mentality of Manju’s mother.Desperate to search a Sri Lankan bride for his ‘Kohinoor’ son she leaves no nook and corner of Australia.An ugly habit of taking bliss of discussing ugliness of their relative’s son and highlighting how her son so much more better than him.Dr. Manju is unlike his mother as he watches and accepts the modern views but that doesn't make him insensitive to his own culture and roots.
Rest of it which i should not be disclosing over here because that would kill the joy of reading the book.All throughout the book he has to maintain the harmony in his relationships with  the patients, colleagues, celebrities, and a girl with a not so good a past.
By the middle of it you can be totally sure that you are reading a sort of autobiography.All the incidents and instances depicted inside the book can be only written when you have been there and done that.

I like..
This whole book is a great package.I loved every page i leafed through.And not to forget the amazing writing style of Sanjaya Senanayake.Take it up and i assure you,you will like it if not love.Different shades of emotions keep striking.When you pick it up you will be kept stuck up with the book till it finishes.

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