"There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect."

*Our souls connected when our eyes met*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee stained love letter..

Through a half awake mind a girl writes to her love who has been away for quite a while from her.She waits patiently reviving and replaying the memories of him and her..

Dear My Love,
                  I had been there without you for such long gaps but everytime you go away my craving grows intenser to meet you back.The warm cup of coffee mug,the sound of dropping water from tap,echos of silence,a hushing whisper,a low tone talking and et al makes our fond memories.They ring up my soul everytime i think,feel or muse about it.You have been the best pacifier and best pain giver.Harboring two uniquely different talents of course thats you.I had been in front of you quite a handful of times but the thing is i somehow loose half my voice when i am with you.You make me feel that you would understand my silence and you just want to make it extra obvious when you want me to be vocal about my feelings for you.Your embrace it's just magic and your kiss it's pure ecstasy followed by a prolonged wave of blissfulness.Once in a while when you make me feel wanted for you i feel so happy.Hearing your voice after ten days feels like an era bygone.When in the night i watch the moon and a star residing happily by it going away from it,it makes me nervous and afraid that it would take so long for the star to come back to the moon once more.But yes i know the invisible chord of connect and sparkle between them never fails to reprise and surprise their relation.It's undefined but yet defined,complicated yet simple,charismatic yet boring and fulfilling yet incomplete.As i submerge in the beautiful moments shared by we i realize i have to go buy a stamp to post this to you,seal it with packets of unending love.And the hot coffee pours down staining the perfectly white paper i was writing on ,i let it soak in it's flavor and color.It makes it beautiful,stained and perfect.The tree in front of me has grown pretty big as the last time i saw it it looked smaller while talking with you,lots of tiny fireflies have decorated themselves on this tree.Your fragrance is wafting in the air i can feel it entering all through me.And as i close my eyes and lie down on the terrace i can see you smile and i can feel you hugging me..

Yours forever..


Ovais said...

i love thisss.

Ishiyeta Saxena said...

Wow. :O

Ishiyeta Saxena said...

Wow. :O

Inspector Saahab said...

great ! would you mind if i copy few of your lines to be put in my next chapter of my current short story ? :P

Simran said...

Beautifully done :)

Enjoy reading you ..
Keep Expressing ~

-Simo :*

Anonymous said...

Nicely written :D

Love your blog <3

Pweez check mine out



Anonymous said...

I can absolutely connect with you. When you are distanced from your soul mate, almost everything reminds you of him...his words, his reactions...everything. you even miss his nasty habits! :D
The emotions are beautifully penned down. keep up the good work! :)

id love it if you checked my blog too. maybe we could follow each other? :)

Bubbles *_* said...

Love button ..
Follow each other :)

Shagun Ohri said...

This is amazingly well-written :O

Rohit Singh Jain said...

Well expressed! Lovely post...heart-warming lines...Keep it up!