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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book review:Prisoner,Jailor,Prime Minister

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Title:Prisoner,Jailor,Prime Minister
Author:Tabrik C
Year Of Publication:2014
 Publisher: Hachette India
The title seems very innovative and makes you think are there three characters that makes this book or one person is all these three.

The cover is bold and intuitive catches you like the book did when you held it in your hands to read.

This a book review of Prisoner,Jailor,Prime Minister written by Tabrik C.I am not very keen on anything relating to politics but i wanted to give this topic a try and so i chose this book to review.And i am quite happy with the results.I read the first page and i was thinking did i chose the correct book because it described to me a scene of desert.Then i proceeded further into a very interesting storyline.Knowing that it is a debut novel by Tabrik C. he has done a very fine work.

Siddhartha Tagore has become the Prime Minister in a swearing without any ceremony so that the country can be lead without any delay as the outgoing Prime Minister is leaving from the backdoor.As soon as he is appointed he is informed about a suspicious activity in Pokhran.And here begins his journey as a politician.

The writer has a very unique style of looking into the past.The flashbacks at times are very brief with few lines and at times consisting of several pages.His days in Harvard as a student where he had no interest whatsoever in politics.But his Baba(father) wanted him to follow in his footsteps and join politics.He pursued his career in classical music in Harvard for he had a love for Tansen and Mozart.
While turning the pages we can see how this Harvard student with little interest in politics transforms into a Prime Minister.

Though the writer tried building a rhythm to create the desired affect of a thriller but there was abruptness at times.It emphasizes on the human emotions and relationships.At times it felt like the main aim of it being political was overshadowed by the emotions and relations.The story is told in first person and third person alternatively. First person narration is through the eyes of Siddhartha and wherever he is not present, it is in third person.Together with Siddhartha Tagore the others such as Rubaya Jaykar Tagore, Karisma Jaykar, Kabir Jaykar, Gordon Thorburn, Gregory Templar, Rukmani Devi and many more supported this story very well.

Though i don't believe in destiny myself but this book is one which tells you about how your destiny is weaved beforehand,you follow what is there and it remains unpredictable.A must read i would say and all the best with your debut Tabrik C.

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Rohit Singh Jain said...

Great book review(though I'm not in a mood to read such heavy fiction, nevertheless adding it to my cart).
Thanks for introducing me to the Book reading program!