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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Book Review: God Is A Gamer

Title:God is a Gamer
Author:Ravi Subramanian

Published by:Penguin Books India
Published:20 Sep 2014 


Category:Fiction, Thriller



Price (Rs.):299.00 

Another thriller decorates my novel collection, thanks to Blogadda for choosing me with the other fellow bloggers to review God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian.

The starting is interesting enough to make you continue reading what you have got your hands on. Bitcoins supports transfer of money over the internet. It is powering over MasterCard and Visa. Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious founder. Bitcoins let you be anonymous on the internet and transfer money using wallets stored in your personal computer.

The story begins with the entry of main characters. Here the characters who should be labelled as main are many in numbers. At one point or the other each of them plays a significant role in the plot. The assassination of senator Gillian Tan is the beginning of the actual plot. Using Misznay-Schardin effect the armored Mercedes Ben was blasted. The case was taken up and investigated by Adrian Scott and assisting him was Tony. Mike Hendricks the adversary of Gillian Tan orders the investigation to begin under the order of President himself. On the other side Aditya Rao the founder of Indiscape, the online gaming portal works blissfully with Sundeep to create uproar with Mafia Dons, the first game to be played online for free by the users. A rendezvous between Tanya and Varun starts with coincidental meets? Or is it planned? NYIB’s CEO Malvika gets promoted to the position of Chairman of NYIB. Commits suicide on her birthday falling from the 34th floor  of the hotel where her birthday party was being held or is it a murder?

The cotton trail engaging in trade of drugs, narcotics, banned pharmaceuticals and pornography of any kind seems the second start of the book. The currency exchange for the trade employs Bitcoins.
An ATM heist is reported in New York where 5 million dollars are withdrawn. A group of 20 people in hoodies raided different ATMs all around New York. This seems like the third start.

Are three of them are linked or they have their own story? As the summary says 
“Moving from Washington’s Congress to Delhi’s Finance ministry, the beaches of Goa to the corporate boardrooms of Mumbai.”
The story keeps going between these places.

The way Ravi Subramanian has written is pretty engaging and captivating. Only glitch is in the starting where you have no idea exactly what is being talked about as the story fluctuates between places and people really fast. When you have enough background and engagement details about the characters that is where the fun starts. In the end you may think that the puzzle is solved and investigation is over but don’t worry after the epilogue a surprise is wrapped up for you.

I would recommend people to go for it. It is a gripping thriller though the fun may start a little late but by the end of it, complains for the start will vanish for sure. Subramanian’s love for banking is pretty evident throughout the story. You may learn a thing or two about technology and banking from this for sure. If not learn you will be curious enough to Google about the terms. I would definitely give it 4/5.

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