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Friday, December 25, 2015

Book review: The bestseller she wrote

Title: The bestseller she wrote
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Westland

Binding: Paperback  
Pages: 391
Language: English 

The title holds the essence of the whole story and very accurately presented. The book starts on a very light note and for first couple of pages you may feel like It is going to be the same usual romantic story. But once the plot is set and the characters have been introduced to you is when the fun starts.

A renowned author and banker in National Bank by profession Aditya who has all the good looks and charms to impress his readers as well as the others coming in contact with him. He is called as a speaker back to his management institute, Indian Institute Of Management -Bengaluru where he gets in an argument with a student Shreya who is the second lead of the book. Shreya is enthusiastic, intelligent, voracious reader and next in line for Chairman’s gold medal in her institute. Their argument leads them to contact each other later on and then starts a story which ends up changing Aditya’s life. 

There is a steady build up in the story. The plot is weaved with utmost care. The characters are introduced quite well. The history and present being narrated with the introduction of the character gives you quite a nice knowledge about him/her. The main leads Aditya and Shreya grab the spotlight in the story and at times it shifts to Aditya’s wife Maya. Maya is currently teaching twelfth graders in DAIS and also taking up social initiatives there. Sanjay who is Aditya’s friend, Diana a co-worker come competitor of Aditya’s, Sunaina who is best-friend of Shreya are the other prominent characters who are present throughout.

Some pages later we find Aditya spots Shreya at his book event organised by EasyLib in Bengaluru where she informs that she had let go her first day of campus placements to be in his event. The game starts and Aditya is impressed. The rendezvous starts once she gets placed at National Bank because of Aditya. As the summary says from that point starts the “combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption”.

The adulterous relationship of Aditya with Shreya rains havoc on his married life. Shreya still wants Aditya in her life and her first book to be the best. At the end it is very aptly defined that the one book written by Shreya is a bestseller and the only one she writes. 

At some points one may feel there is an overdose of brand names, place names, writer names and celebrity names. But all in all it has that conviction which will make you read it till the end. The thriller as it is opens up at the ending. Grab a copy as soon as possible. And do read to find out Does Maya give him a second chance after the revelation? Does Aditya’s life change for good or for bad? Does betrayal costs everyone and everything in Aditya’s life?

Thank you Blogadda for another beautiful book and that too an author signed copy.

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